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How to answer: Why Should we hire you?

This article will help you identify your perfect answer. There are few sample answers as well, which might be useful to you all.

I remember back then when i cleared my Chartered Accountancy and was prepping myself for the interviews, one question I was most scared of was ‘Why should I hire you’. I used to think – what am I supposed to say? Is it fine to praise myself, like I am so great etc. After all i was a fresher too.

This is a very difficult question because:

  1. It usually comes right at the end, when you have finished the technical parts of the interview and when you think its done, here it comes boom – why should we hire you

  2. This is probably the last chance to sell yourself.

What is covered in this article for you?

  1. Different forms this question can come in;

  2. Structure of the answer, rules and common mistakes;

  3. Few sample answers.

So, why should we hire you? This question can come in many different forms like

  • Why do you believe you are the best candidate for this position?

  • What makes you a good fit for the job?

  • What sets you apart from the others or what is unique/ different about you?

  • We have 500 applicants for this job, why should we choose you?

  • why do you want the job?

The perfect length of this answer is one minute. If in an exceptional case, they ask this question early, even before your resume has been discussed, then you can probably take them through your background. But as a rule, one minute max. Remember, this is the last chance to create a good impression.

This answer can be divided in two parts. a) Quality b) example.

Choose a quality that your answer needs and then demonstrate this quality in your example. common qualities that might be expected from you: Quick learner, team player, flexible, open minded, you go the extra mile, you are very passionate about the industry in general, you deliver results on time always, you are driven to high quality work etc. You can make use of these qualities to answer. But remember, qualities should not be crafted. You should actually posses it or develop it. Make sure the example is true. It can be something very small and simple but make it a real personal story. Interviewers can tell the difference. Also, they might probe you further on how you did that and what was the experience etc.

Where else do you find peculiar qualities required for the Job?

1. Read the job description and look for words that ask for personal qualities;

2. Talk to others who do similar jobs either in this company or elsewhere;

3. Match your personality with the quality required for the Job.


For the Accountant's Job:

I believe I am a good fit for this job, because even though I am a fresher I have a passion for accounting. My mother runs a tailoring unit in my hometown and I helped her set up a full accounting system to keep track of her receivables and costs. This improved her collections by … days and increased her working capital by …

For the sales Job:

‘I understand that this job requires me to build relationships and solve problems. I think you should hire me because this is one of my strong points for example when I was in college I was in charge of the college festival and I built relationships with 3-4 new companies who donated generously to the festival and made it a huge success’

BPO Customer service:

‘The reason you should hire me for the job of a customer service manager is because I am very fond of helping people while patiently listening to their problems. In my community, I have set up a lifelong learners club where I teach senior citizens how to use their smart phones, and how to conduct basic activities like bill payments and fixed deposit issuance etc'

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