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How to get references for your Resume?

Generally getting in touch with former employers and asking them for the references requires courage and stamina. Many of the resumes are not shortlisted, because they lack references.

We write many positives about our self in the resume which the hiring manager may agree or not; But when a person is endorsing our skills, we get an edge over it!!

Good references make your resume more credible. But what’s the best way of asking for a reference? Should you arrange for a meeting, call them up or just shoot them an email?

Who should be my reference?

Think about the people you worked for and worked with. Which of them could speak good about your qualifications, accomplishments and character? 

You can consider employers, immediate seniors, mentors, colleagues. In this case, most recent reference will be better.

How to ask: Meet, call, email?

Your reference may not remember you and you may also have less idea about their work schedule.

You should follow the following procedure which is professional and doesn't sound selfish:

1. Email: Send your introduction. Remind them of who you are. Describe the projects you worked on together and explain where you’re heading with your career. Politely ask them the good time to connect over the call or meet personally. Let them know you need a guidance and a reference.

2. Call: Post receiving an email and response connect with them as they want. Now that you have briefed them about your introduction, you can start with some light talks about them and then come to the topic. Ask them if they can refer you, and what have you gained in between to support the profile. If need be you can meet them.

Share your CV so that they recollect your achievements and personality. When it comes to formulating your request, always be a diplomat. Allow people to refuse gracefully.

“Would you feel comfortable serving as a reference in my upcoming job search?

Also, ask how they’d prefer to be contacted by the recruiter — usually either by phone or email. Show them your gratitude in the end.

Help them help you:

Give your potential references enough details about the jobs you’re about to apply for. Be specific in what skills and qualities you’d like to showcase. This will help them endorse your key qualifications.

Use the power of Networking:

Successful people keep their professional relationship healthy and alive. Follow their example by taking advantage of every opportunity to grow and nurture your network.

Show appreciation for favors people do for you. Make it clear you are willing to help them out, too. You never know when you’ll need a reference for something again one day.

Finally, let your references know about the outcome of your job hunt.

Thank them once again for their help regardless of whether their reference helped you score a job or not.

Note for the readers:

For all my lovely readers, i hope you all are having a preety day. Any one of you have a reference in your mind for the job posting and are not sure of how to approach them, or draft an email or begin the conversation, reach out to us. We will help you with the Email Template and also a customized drafting specific to your case. You can connect with us by filling the contact information on the home page. (do mention subject as 'Guidance for the reference')

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