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How to start building your vocabulary?

Now to begin with, let me first tell you all the meaning of Vocabulary. The body of words used in a particular language, basically use of proper words at proper places.

'Words are tools of thought'. You need to use it wisely and effectively

Why you need to build your vocabulary?

Words are instruments by means of which we present our-self, share our thoughts and our knowledge. Having good vocabulary has a close relation with personal, professional and intellectual growth. Knowledge being the significant factor, chances of your success are higher if you have a better vocabulary.

Other things being importantly equal, success here means educational goals, moving ahead in your business or profession, achieving your intellectual potential. So, can you increase your vocabulary? You can! infact, you can improve a lot by your concentrated efforts.

How to begin?

Increasing the vocabulary does not mean to learn the definition of large and difficult words; it also does not mean to memorize the unrelated terms. Then, what it means? It means becoming acquainted with those words, which are the only source of describing any verb, noun, adjective or any idea, emotion, expression or existence.

what do we do?

Do we keep on reading a dictionary?;

Do we need to maintain notes of all new words we ever heard or read?;

Or do we just look up the meaning of any new words that are used?, probably yes. We do.

But, more often as we grow, we loose our drive to discover, figure out, to understand, to know. As a human, we are born with an urge to learn. Almost all of it is lost even before we reach maturity.

There are two simple principles which you need to follow:

  1. Words are the verbal symbol of your ideas, i.e. what you want to speak;

  2. The more ideas you are familiar with, the more words you know.

Now, how that works? simple, if you want to describe about yourself, then you make use of certain adjectives that describe you. Eg. Enthusiastic or curious or any other. The need to describe yourself was an idea, words that came out are the verbal symbol.

Let us take up a quick test.

What word best describes your personality if you:

  1. Unsocial, prefer solitude etc?

  2. Constantly think about yourself?

You may seem unsocial, yet your desire is to be liked and accepted. You may be shy and quite, you are often moody and unhappy, you prefer solitude, then you are an Introvert.

If your decision is always based on the answer of one question:"what's in it for me?" If you feel that you don't want to be left behind and you are selfish, greedy, then you are an Egoist.

What should be your daily habit to develop your own dictionary of the words?

Firstly, understand your need of using words. Where, how and with whom you are frequently having a conversation. In majority of the cases, you will rank your Job/business, career as 1st followed by other professional networks.

Begin with preparing your self for the common interview questions and their answers. don't be too adventurous in trying new words immediately. First, Identify what you want to answer, then choose the word that describes it the best. Then go for searching its synonyms or similar words and check how are they used often.

When you are already on Job and eyeing for the appraisal/promotion, do get acquainted with the jargons commonly used in your field. Observance is one of the best way to learn and improve. Observe how seniors and Industry leaders are using a particular kind of word or a phrase and check how it can be useful for you.

Next method i personally follow is listening to the podcasts and the interviews (simple, interesting and exciting) they are not boring as well. Start by listening very simple interviews of your favorite film stars. Koffee with Karan is known good for it. Then head to watching and listening to Ted Talks. Ted Talks are inspiring, motivational and interesting. You get to know the journey of successful Individuals.

There are many decent podcasts which you can start listening initially. I started with some Indian Podcaster's show which you all might like. The Ranveer Show, The Breakschool etc. They offer you a lot more to listen and learn.

Then, go for reading newspapers and listening to news channels. You can refer CNBC or WION for good news. If you like reading books you can go for simple books to read, i would recommend to start with Sudha Murthy. Her books are simple, short stories. Many of us prefer watching web series for that matter. I would recommend you to watch 'SUITS' amongst one of them.

We can learn from every moment of our life and every act we do, what we need is the 'Powerful urge to learn'.

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