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Should we look out for a job during a Pandemic?

Yes/no/not sure?. Most major economies in the world are going through tough times. Due to slow down of economy, many companies (specially) private companies are laying off employees. Daily wage earners and people working in most affected sectors are more vulnerable to layoffs. While many businesses are laying off, others are hiring. Good news, isn’t it? What as a job seeker you have to do is to figure out, who is hiring?

Pandemic has put serious problems in front of us and such problems create many new small problems. Country as a whole, need to address these problems. To solve these enormous issues you need people and that is where hiring comes in!!!!

If everyone have heard address by PM Modi in India carefully, he said supplies and distribution has been taken care of. They are ensuring that availability should not be a problem. This is a superb indication that, supply chain management will be the booming sector at this point and even more after this pandemic ends. So you need to know which Industries are hiring.

1. Grocery stores and online retails

Business including bigbasket, medlife, grofers and starquik are hiring riders and pickers for part time and full time job opportunities. I am listing out openings. Links are mentioned in the description box:

Associate Director - Sell - Grocery – Bangalore

Export Marketing Executive - Indian Grocery / Food Product, Ahemdabad

Work from Home (us Shift ) Blended Process Grocery Online Store, Mumbai

Senior Assistant in Flipkart Grocery

2. Pharmaceutical and medical

This sector is unavoidably going to play major role. This sector is also hiring for part time and full time job opportunities. I am listing out openings and links are mentioned in the description box.

3. Delivery and supply chain, E-commerce Tech companies and Digital entertainment are other sectors where you can lookout for any suitable openings.

I have seen many requirements in the field of finance as well. So looking out for a job during crisis doesn’t have to be a bad idea always. Business have less need for some skills, but more of others.

If you currently have nothing in your hand, don’t be worried to temporarily change careers to supplement the income. Its not that, people who have just lost the job can easily find a similar jobs next door. Career change can be difficult but try to keep up the spirit. You can use many of your skills you acquired in your previous careers. Be understanding and don’t be negative. Things will surely get better, you may get another shot which could turnout to be better than before.

Some of the freelance work site are listed below, register and offer your services if you can work online. You may check out and take your own informed decision.

1. Freelancer-;

2. Upwork-;

3. Fiverr-;

4. Golance-;

5. Truelancer-;

We are in this together!! Just remember

‘We had tough time already. There was already a slowdown in job creation, this pandemic just raised the challenges. But this does not mean that there was no business at all. This situation is slightly different than global economic meltdown. Just because majority of us are not working, there is no generation of money, there is no circulation and hence no income. Once the business will resume, work will start again we shall see a boost’

‘Aisa nahi hai ki job nahi hai, Job hai, bas kaam nahi ho rahe’

Good days will come back!!

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