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Things we hate the most as a Job Seeker!!

Job search is a really painful struggle sometimes. If you are currently out there struggling to find a Job, Keep calm!! You will find your dream Job soon. Until then enjoy reading the things that we all hate the most about job Hunting. So smile and remember, you are not alone in this!!

1. The Search itself:

Is’nt it a pain in the head? So for me, it started with the lack of clarity. I know what was perfect job for me, but they were not hiring. So the dilemma was, 'to wait or not to wait'.

Also the fact that, we might not know what exactly we want. Nevertheless we all hate The stereotype: waking up in the morning, turning on the laptop, going on the job site and search, search, search.

'Wait or not to wait' are you facing the same thing? Having a clarity will resolve your this issue. 

2. Never-ending questions from our people:

What is like rubbing the salt on the wound? Hearing the same questions again and again

- So, how is your job search going on?

- Did you find one?

- Are you still unemployed?

- What are you going to do?

Surely, your friends and family must be asking you with care, but isn’t it annoying? You don’t want to get reminded of it, right?

3. Waiting to hear back from them:

“Thanks for the application, we will get back to you soon”. This sooner than later definition varies greatly, isn’t it? Especially when your career is at stake. You still wonder if you should wait or mark this one out of your potential jobs list. There is no reply and not knowing and refreshing your inbox all the time is worse.

4. Experience:

“No enough experience is every fresher’s nightmare”. So what do they expect? To go on unpaid internship to get the experience? May be yes. Even then, there’s a chance they will tell you, your internship doesn’t qualify as a relevant needed experience for the job position.

5. Over Qualification Vs Experience:

You haven’t got enough experience in the field to be qualified for the position, but over qualified to serve any other position. Obviously if you have a degree, they will have to pay you more than they want; additionally, train you for what they expect from the position. Not enough experience to get hired in my degree field and over qualified for any other service job.

6. Turning down emails and calls:

All good HR managers are skilled at lying and imagine the number of people they have to turn down on regular basis. We all hate the ‘But’ phrase. You have the potential BUT no experience, your CV is good BUT overqualified for the position.

7. Personality Traits:

Most of the job offers include a set of personal traits required for the Job position. This basically means that if you want the job, you have to be the exactly similar person described there. Commonly used traits in the offer include

- Good communication skills;

- Good English;

- Creative;

- Proactive;

- Positive and Diligent;

- Confident.

Don’t we get sick by using these traits to describe our personality? What if i lack confidence because of my state of mind? What if i am introvert? And how can everyone be the same in personality. Having one trait may also mean lack of others or more of something which is not listed there. Will it harm your hiring process if i am different in personality but well to do with the knowledge?

8. Interview Dilemmas:

After listing everything in the resume, now is the time to show. CV gets you to the Interview hall, personality gets you what you want. The D-day is far more stressful in the entire process. You must be wondering, whether to be pretty honest or be little pretentious. You may also think what is too casual and what is too official? Show the best of yourself but don’t get too tighten up. "You will make a better impression when you are relaxed"

9. Questions from Interviewers are even headache:

Classic questions interviewers ask are slowly becoming old.

- So, why should we hire you? Ummmm, because you are hiring!!

- Why do you want to work for us? Because, i need a job!!

We all answer in a well rehearsed manner so even is it worth to ask these questions.

However, some companies have changed their approach, they now ask questions which are more unconventional.

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