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Things you must do before your video Conference Job Interview.

It took a global pandemic for the companies to identify ways to work from home now that it has come, video conference calls will continue to stay.

Here I would like to share with you a brief checklist which you may consider before going on for an Interview call.

1. Have a clean area where you can sit and answer your interview call. If possible, have a table and chair it gives you a posture;

2. Upgrade your Internet Connection. Nothing is worse than constantly interrupted by slow internet connection;

3. Find a quite Room. Lock yourself up in a quite room. Don't let the noise surrounding you come your way;

4. Test your video conferencing app. Taking a test call will be a better option. Get familiarize yourself with the app. Checkout that you are seen and heard loudly and clearly. This is primary activity;

5. Wear Earphones: Eliminate background noise. It also avoids the distraction to major extent;

6. Lighting: Finding a right light is very important. Let them see you in best possible way. Make a best combination of Artificial and natural light;

7. Dress up: Get yourself dressed as if you were going for a regular job interview. This will help you look and feel more professional;

8. Posture: This is again very important. Communicating through a body language is very Crucial. Sitting up straight projects professionalism and self confidence;

9. Job Interviews make us all very anxious. Have a glass of water to save your dry mouth;

10. It is good to make notes and questions specially when you are on video call so that you don’t miss out on anything. Ask them the questions related to your job, it makes you look passionate for it;

11. Do not snack during your job interview. Eat good enough before so that you don’t feel tired and hungry;

It is preferable to use Laptop so that you get a wide range area and a clear picture with clarity. Although it may not be possible. Then have a stand to hold your phone so that your hands are free. Your body language while answering the question is also a matter of Importance.

You may also have questions frequently pondering you while you are attending the interview. This might distract your focus from answering right, hence this needs to be addressed.

1. If they did not select me or if selected, my joining would be post Lockdown, then how do i supplement my income during the quarantine period?

A. If you can work online like a freelancer, register yourself with some awesome freelance websites and offer your services. You can also let your customers pre-order your services so after getting back to normal, you can offer them. There are also many people interested in outsourcing few work for part time. You can get the information from business groups. If this does not work for you, then lookout for the current hiring.

2. How has on-boarding changed? How does it work if you are hired remotely?

A. For the companies who have shifted to work from home, on-boarding process has changed tremendously. Its all remote now. Generally new companies provide with the laptops and other necessary devices, but this may not be possible during remote working. Preference might be gjven to candidates who are having laptops. Rest set up and login details shall be done remotely and you will be provided with the information of the company and services. Post joining, communication will not be an issue. Entire process may be quite the same, just done remotely and with your own devices.

3. I got an email that my Interview is cancelled because the job is on hold, probably due to the corona virus. How should you reply to this?

A. Reply politely and thank them for their time and efforts. Express your interest in the Job position and ask them to consider you in their fresh openings anytime.

4. What kind of Questions should i ask during the Job Interview in relation to Corona Virus?

A. Since, mostly your interview will be online, feel free to ask about the company culture, the team you would be part of and what it is like to work with them.

· Has the pandemic impacted the goals of company?

· How is your company supporting the employees during this time?

· When can i expect to hear from you again?

Things have changed and you may have to change your strategy as well. It may also take a bit longer than normal. Plan for yourself and upgrade as much as you can. This little homework will be very useful for you.

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