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Things you should do if you are looking out for a Job during Recession!

A recession causes a major hurdle in your Job search. Here is how you can navigate and find your way. In the current situation, where the entire world is fighting against the effects of covid-19, we all are fighting our fear against jobloss and businesses.

Finding a job in these trying times can be tricky. And it is quite natural to find yourself trapped between confusion and Stress. So, here are some useful points which might help you in the times of uncertainty and slow economy.

1. Go digital

Today the internet holds the key to every business across the world, so why not make use of its power to work safely and conveniently?

Create a strong online presence on job hosting websites. If you are already using them, then it is the right time to upgrade your resume and related add-ons on your profile;

Do you know that recruiters also scan and consider your social media handles in their recruitment process? Take this time to work on the public view of your profile.

Curate and have a bug for social media, it can open doors to jobengagements for you as well.

2. Power of networking

You need to let people know that you are open to job opportunities. You ultimately need employers to recognise you as a potential talent for their organisations.

Also choose to DM the suitable employers and ensure that the message you send is short and to the point. Its a high time that you manage your linkedin profile well. You can also try and open up to Goodwall, etc.

3. Build your personal brand:

A recession doesn't have to mean that companies stop their hiring process entirely. In most cases, employers just get really picky with who they choose to hire. Therefore, now is the perfect time to build a personal brand to make yourself different from the crowd of applications.

  • Identify what is that you would like to present about profile, so that when you apply for a job, your work will count as a major differentiating factor. For example- if you're a marketing person, choose to speak about digital marketing, PR, content development, etc.

  • Start a private blog to present your ideas you can use blogger,, wordpress or even post your articles on the linkedin as well. You can choose Youtube if you prefer videos. You can launch a Podcast if you prefer speaking only.

Opportunities are endless. This step injects a professional and sorted look, and could serve as a great brownie point for your next employer. It also brings exposure and recognition in the long run.

4. Learn and Grow:

You need to differentiate yourself from other by working on your skill set.

  • Pause. Analyse yourself. Go deep into your mind and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Understand how you can become an asset for an organisation.

  • Understand: See every concrete life experience and see if it's important for that job, as it can help in job interviews very well.

  • Action. After spending a few days doing personal skill assessments, you can accordingly teach yourself things that you really need to learn. Today you can learn almost anything through various online platforms. Udemy, Skillshare, youtube has affordable courses, on almost anything you want for a small monthly fee.

"You don't have to get into a rat race even during tough times, stay calm and do not compare. Do what is good for you". 

5. Be prepared for rejections:

Be prepared mentally for the rejections that may come your way. You weren’t called because you did something wrong. But companies have become super cautious of hiring. Never forget that you are worth it. Your confidence in yourself is very important.

Lastly, don’t panic and be mindful of the fact that our economy is a series of ups and downs, just like our lives. You will find a job eventually, you just have to be positive and practice self-care more than anything else.

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