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What are some Common Job interview questions and how to answer them- Part 2

In continuation of our earlier blogpost, i hereby write down some more common questions and how you can answer them.

1. What are your professional strengths?

A. For this answer, you actually have to know about your skills which you can dominate. If you have the qualification, but you don’t have enough knowledge to present it (which is because of lack of experience) then you should atleast know the procedure to do it and how you going to solve it. If you are confused about which expertise you posses and think you can be better at, then go for the things you like to do and know about it however simple it is. Confusion is cleared by experience but knowledge is what get you there.

Do not present yourself as an expert or show that you have an excellent caliber of something.

2. What are your weakness?

A. Now this is the MOST asked question and many of us get numbed while answering this. Some of us go literally prepared word to word by reciting lines. Well you first yourself need to understand that your weaknesses are not a threat to the company until you recognise them. Let them know that this will be a potentially positive outcome in one way. None of us have born flawless, we all have some weaknesses which we all never agree to accept. Don't lay out the pool of weaknesses, just the one you think can impact the work. But then you also should posses the ability to get back to the question of strengths by giving the solution to improve it. There should always be the room for improvement.

3. Why are you leaving your current job?

A. This question sometimes worry many of us (almost worrying all of us). There are many angle to this question and the question may change its shape depending upon our circumstances. So i divide this question as

For the first set of question, never talk bad about your company or people out there. Always tell that you have got a good experience there and people were also good. Tell them that you want a change because you want to give yourself an opportunity to challenge with roles. Change is the only constant. Sometimes you also have to be true while telling this answer, but always remember truth should never defame the earlier company/people.

Other way to ask this question (specially for fresher)‘Have you completed your probation? Why are you leaving before confirming your probation?’ Why was there a gap in your employment? Why did you change your job so early/why was there a frequent change in your job?

If you have a reason why your probation was not confirmed then tell the truth, as a fresher you may lack the practical experience required by the job and giving you the opportunity is the company’s responsibility. You need to figure out whether the mistake was from the company’s end or you were not able to cope up for whatsoever reason. If it was company who did not utilize or gave a chance then be polite and say that ‘Expectations were higher than the opportunities given’. If it were you, then answer it similar to the answer of weakness and the steps you have taken to resolve them.

If you have a reason why you were unemployed for a while, be honest and say it. The only way to convince the reason for the gap is truth with a pinch of confidence that this was needed. May be you were studying, family issues, health issues, trying out your own business or may be you tried but did not like the earlier job etc. Make sure that there is no loss of your theoretical knowledge and keep yourself updated even during your gap. Its better to tell that you were unemployed because of your choice not because no body hired you.

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