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What are the common Job Interview questions and how to answer them? Part I

Everyone of us face those who’s, whats, why’s and hows. These too many questions have few answers and these Interview questions are not random. Recruiters have them pre-planned and that is where they knock it down. Nothing worse than beating the awkward silence, Specially when you tend to feel uneasy and lack the confidence.

Make sure you are well prepared so that no question will take you by surprise. Following questions and answers may help you nail it. Now that we have sometime to chill, why not address these questions and prepare them for our future reference. Some of these questions also serve as a good starting point to think about your reasons and motivation.

1. What makes you the best person for this position?

A. Tell the hiring manager what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates. Give a couple of suggestions how you would improve the job position. Go beyond the job description and say how your abilities exceed the requirements. Understand and anticipate the company’s goals mission and vision and tell them how you would abide with it.

2. Can you tell me little more about yourself?

A. Do not repeat what is already mentioned in the CV. Which means don’t mention everything in the CV. Highlight your greatest achievements and accomplishments. Let your manager know your socializing capability and that how you can fit in every team (this does not mean an introvert or socially awkward candidate will not get points here). Socializing does not always mean meeting hundred of people and sharing good bond. In simple terms it means, being able to adjust in any team.

PS: You need to be a good salesman to get hired. Imagine yourself as a product which you want to sell to the management. (but sometimes even good salesman cannot get hired, because they may not know the USP (unique selling point)). Understand your USP!!

3. How did you know about the of the position?

A. Don't just answer randomly. Here they want to know what made you apply for the job. Remember, there is a hiring cost of the company and they would expect a genuine candidate. Secondly, not just the name and fame of the company, they will also be interested to know your interest in the position you applied.

4. What do you know about the company?

A. This should be a personalized answer. Reason will be very specific to each candidate of their reasons to work for the company. You need to go an extra mile and learn about the company from various available sources. Do not mug up the whole ‘About’ section of the company on website. Be upto date with recent changes and new ventures, recent work etc. Give complimentary words and congratulate them for successful projects.

5. Why should we hire you?

A. This answer should be the summary of all your earlier answers. Talk in terms of value, let them know what value you would add. Now, for this answer you need to be more confident about yourself and you should know your own value. Let your own skill be secret and use it to answer this question. Let them know that your this skill will help you perform better at job.

PS: Things you don’t mention in the resume should not relate to the primary role of your job. This could affect the selection procedure. You may choose not to mention social and personal skills which could otherwise be discussed. Always mention the technical skills that will help your CV get selected.

Part II will come soon!!!

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