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What to research when you go for the Interview?

Hey!! Did your resume just got you an interview call? Very good for you. Now things will get serious, interviews are not just casual meetups, you can nail it if you know HOW?

Convincing someone of your qualities is tough, but if you are well prepared, then no need to panic. Confidence is the key to your success and it is very important to meet the potential employer with confidence. Even before you speak about yourself and discuss the things relating to your profile, its important to have strong information about the companies you are applying for. You need to takeout the time and carefully research on few things.

I list down some really important things that you should definitely know before your interview:

1. Know more about the company than others.

‘It is always good knowing little more than others’

Knowing who is the founder and CEO, short history and structure of the company is very basic. You should go deeper than that and demonstrate an in depth information about the company. You should understand the company and show that your personality matched with the company philosophy. Knowing Goals, Mission and vision will make you get your answers aligned with them.

Know about the latest product, success stories and milestones. Read couple of their recent blog post or read what others are saying about it. This research will help you in

· Q&A session;

· Ask manager about the new projects or the fact you read etc;

· Also, if you know about the company your answers will sound more proficient.

2. Make a thorough research about the job positions.

Knowing about the position you being hired will also help you answer the Interviewers question. Research thoroughly about the roles and responsibilities, competencies and duties of the person holding that position. Ready fit your skills according to the requirement of the position, tailor make your answers. Meanwhile you also understand if you are right and suited for the position. You need to polish your skills to fit for the position accordingly.

3. Know yourself

This is very crucial thing, even before speaking in front of the hiring managers, you need to accept your own weaknesses and work on it. You should well know your strengths and polish it. You have to convince your hiring manager about your abilities and skills and you cannot do this until and unless you yourself are sure about it. Always remember, you need to create your professional identity and stick to it. You need to have settled attitude and it should not be different from your personality. You should always be what you are, and don’t pretend.

4. Be prepared for the question and answers:

Ofcourse you can be spontaneous, but spontaneous should be your addressal and not the answer. You need to prepare well of

- How to say;

- What to say;

- When to say;

- What to ask (this is very important and this can happen when you have researched well)

Apart from preparing yourself on the subject matter of job, you need to be ready for other questions as well. Divide your entire frame of Questions into 4 categories (HHCT):

1. HR (General and personality related question);

2. Hiring Manager (Basic to the topic and Technical);

3. Case study;

4. Tricky questions.

Even if you don’t know what can be asked, don’t let yourself be surprised of any level of question.

5. Practice your body language:

Body language is crucially important, you should try to be as calm as possible. Its the body language and your expression that creates the first impression while you appear for the Interview, second will be your way of answering followed by your answers (knowledge). Make a little research on what body language you use in a routine and what does that mean.

6. Know the terminology used in the Industry:

You should be prepared to use the jargon that is used in the industry you want to work in. Using right terminology will make you look more competent. Don't speak as free as you speak to your friends over a cup of tea or for that matter a ‘beer’. Sound professional, even if you are calm and positive words that you use show what you are. So work and research on the terminology.

Last note, take a beauty sleep and don’t try to decide on the outcome even before your interview.

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